Jamie Scallion and the team have nearly finished a song called Kids of Summer for the final RockATeers EP but need your help to finish it!
Click Next below to read an excerpt of the new book, listen to Kids of Summer, and then write the last verse!

The winner will be chosen by judges including The Script's Danny O'Donoghue and Mark Sheehan, Capital Radio's Dave Berry, the National Literacy Trust and of course Jamie Scallion.

The winner will join Jamie and the team at the legendary Dean Street studios to record the final version of Kids of Summer, for which the winner will be credited as co-writer - your career in songwriting starts here!

Terms and Conditions
'Making It' is the first title in the sensational teen book series The Rock 'n' Roll Diaries. This page turning quartet of Young Adult novels has garnered thousands of online fans since its inception in 2015. When Burt decides he must start a rock band to win the love of Bex, the hottest girl in the school, he is forced to assemble a group who wouldn’t normally be seen dead together. The RockAteers are born. It must work, and not just for Burt’s sake. Egg has spent his life on the outside looking in, Tea needs to avoid becoming part of his criminal family and Clipper yearns for more than a fast track to a football academy. When Egg reveals his song-writing genius, the only way is up… Can four opposites led by an ego-maniac function as a band and navigate the music industries shark infested waters? Who will win the race to sign them? And who will get the girl?